Cycling on the East Bank trail (Eastern side)

Last weekend it occurred to me that I had no idea how far East one could go one the East Bank trail. Ohio? New Jersey? Bermuda?  So Sunday morning Daisy (my bike) and I got out of the house early, cruised over to the IUSB section of the trail, and resolved to check it out.

First off—why I love the East Bank Trail.  I am still relatively new to cycling, and most parts of the trail have broad, dedicated bike paths.  There are a few small hills for testing out your gears, but this is definitely a ride kids could do as well as adults.  Plus the trail cuts through some fantastic parks.  And if you stop off at the farmer’s market, you can load up your bike with healthy snacks ahead of time….


(Daisy—loaded up at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  More on that in another post!)

Heading East on the trail (and crossing Ironwood and passing by the Oaken Bucket), you can get to Central Park in Mishawaka after about a half hour of really pleasant pedaling alongside the St. Joe River.  Central Park is easily as fun as its more famous New York namesake.  It has a lovely river walk and arguably the best playground in Mishawaka (if you are doing your ride with little people).  (Seriously this playground makes me wish I were five again.  There is a splash pad… a huge spider-webby climbing thingy…) But I was having so much fun that I decided to just cruise around all of the paths then head home via the south bank of the river.


(Daisy posing for a quick bike selfie (“bikie”) on the river walk).

On the way home I stopped by Potawatomi Park, where if you play your cards right you can see they monkeys from the perimeter of the Potawatomi zoo.

We’ve been having some perfect bike weather this August, and you can hit sections of the trail from nearly everywhere in the Northern half of the `Bend.  Get out there!



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