Seoul Garden

It is Monday night. After a long first day of the work week, you and your family/friends have that kind of hunger that only a full on Korean feast will satisfy.  Seoul Garden’s got you covered.

Me and five local friends ventured out there after work last week, and loved our meal so much we declared it a semi-regular Monday tradition.  Seoul Garden looks somewhat modest from McKinley, though the pioneer statue out front should be your first indication that it is anything but ordinary.

Grilled Short Ribs Seoul GardenThe hostess/chef ushered us to a table with a built-in grill.  We ordered a round of Kirins and then several of the in-table barbecue options, including the short ribs.  These were a universal favorite in our group.

We also ordered spicy chicken, seafood pancake, and the full slew of side dishes. I tried to get a picture of the bulgogi, but we inhaled it before I could get my camera out…

Seoul Garden is certainly now in rotation for one of my go-to weeknight dinner spots on the Bend-Mishawaka border.

I leave you with the bulgogi, about five minutes after it arrive at our table.

Finished Bulgogi



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