Antiques and Fun in Lakeside and Sawyer Michigan


by Jane

One of the very best things about living in South Bend is the ability to run away to Lake Michigan on the weekend. With relatively simple planning and a quick drive, you’re suddenly dancing in a windstorm on the beach with your sister, or trying to get your husband to buy you a NO POOPING sign for your front yard at an awesome antique shop. It doesn’t get better than that! (By the way, the NO POOPING sign isn’t for sale. That was the saddest part of my whole day.)

I recently spent a weekend at the Lakeside Inn with my husband Sam, my sister Julia, and her husband, Antonio. The Inn is nestled in the woods, right on the shore of Lake Michigan. If you leave your windows open at night, you can hear the waves crashing onto the beach. I’m going to leave the real details about it to McK, because she has a special connection to the Lakeside Inn…so look for that post in the future!

Now for all the fun we had at this place!


Lakeside Antiques is just down Red Arrow Highway from the Inn. It’s a fantastic place to spend a morning. There is a main building (shown above), and a large secondary barn building, so you can explore here for hours.


They have amazing quality antiques from all over the world. This is the kind of place where you can find everything from elaborately crafted stag-horn chandeliers to fine art and fabrics.



Julia and I tried to get our husbands to chip in and buy us this floor length white fur coat, so that we could play Narnia when we got back to the Inn. They said no, because they’re terrible husbands, and don’t understand the value of priceless antiques.


They do, however, think that it’s important to scare small children with giant evil-eye paperweights. I tell you, the priorities of these two men are totally screwy!


We stopped at Fitzgerald’s (also known as Fitz’s Bar & Grill) in Sawyer, Michigan for lunch. This restaurant and lounge has a beautiful old bar in their quirky cute dining room, and a darling patio area. They have amazing food, and their appetizers are big enough to share.


Julia got an amazing beer, and I tried a really interesting pear cider. Sam and Antonio ordered the ever-reliably delicious Zombie Dust by 3 Floyds Brewing Company.
IMG_3907 IMG_3905
Crab cakes and calamari!
IMG_3914 IMG_3913
The crab cakes were giant, and amazing. The fries were so good, we promised to share them with Antonio, but then we forgot. Sorry, Antonio!
Lakeside Antiques
14876 Red Arrow Hwy
Lakeside, MI 49116
Fitzgerald’s OR Fitz’s Bar & Grill
5875 Sawyer Rd
Sawyer, MI 49126

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