Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue

Cheese Case


I love cheese. I love everything about it – the taste, texture, flavors, etc. That’s why I love Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue, South Bend’s only store devoted to gourmet cheese (if there are others, PLEASE, let me know).

Oh Mamma’s claims to have 300 varieties of cheese. They also have cured meats, olives, gelato, cannoli, and other Italian delicacies.


The cheese case

What makes Oh Mamma’s so special is that they actually make their own goat cheese, using milk from their family farm in Walkerton, IN. The plain goat cheese is excellent – they also have seasoned varieties, which they frequently sample at the front of the shop. If you’re not into goat cheese – they have an incredible selection of other varieties of cheese from around the world.

An Oh Mamma's Sandwich

An Oh Mamma’s Sandwich

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, Oh Mamma’s also has excellent sandwiches. Check the chalkboard at the front of the store for the day’s specials.

Oh Mamma’s is conveniently located across the street from both the South Bend Farmer’s Market and Bamber’s Superette, for the ultimate trifecta of foodie grocery shopping fun.

Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue
1212 Beyer Avenue
South Bend, IN 46615



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