Three Oaks, MI

by McK

Three Oaks, Michigan, is a quaint little town about 45 minutes northwest of South Bend on MI-12, about five miles east of Lake Michigan. While Three Oaks is small, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained for an afternoon and evening.  Here’s an itinerary:

Have Lunch at Pleasant House (9 North Elm St.)

Pleasant House

Steak and Ale Royal Pie with minted peas

Start off with lunch at Pleasant House, a microbrewery that specializes in handmade British-style meat pies. Both the beer and pies are excellent. The Mushroom and Kale Pie is my personal favorite (and I’m not a vegetarian) – the filling has great flavor. The Steak and Ale and Chicken Balti pies are also delicious.  Make sure to get a side of minted peas and a pint of your favorite beer. Mmmm!

Go Shopping on Elm Street

After lunch, take a stroll down Elm Street. Elm Street is home to a variety of antique stores, galleries, and other shops. Drier’s Meat Market is a famous butcher in the area that’s been in business for more than 100 years. Blaise is a great home decor shop. Keep an eye out for pop-up flea markets, like the Blue Moon Vintage Market.

See a Film at the Vicker’s Theatre (6 N. Elm Street)

The Vicker’s Theatre is my favorite movie theatre in the region. Each week, the manager selects two movies – typically art or independent films that don’t make it to larger theaters – which play on a rotation at either 3:30 p.m.,  6:00 p.m., or 9:00 p.m. The films are extremely well curated and the manager is passionate about telling you a quick history of the film before the screening begins. I have yet to see a bad film at the Vicker’s.

Have a Cocktail and Dinner at Journeyman Distillery (109 Generations Drive)


Cocktails at Journeyman Distillery

After the movie, walk over to Journeyman Distillery for a cocktail and dinner. Journeyman distills nine varieties of whiskey. They also make vodka, gin, rum and brandy. Be sure to try one of their vintage cocktails – the menu is extensive. Journeyman is located in an old corset factory and the ambience is really cool. I’ve been told that they recently opened a restaurant on the premises, Staymaker, which I look forward to trying this fall.


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