Thistleberry Farm

Thistleberry Farm

Jumping PIllow

A bunch of adults on the jumping pillow

The weather is getting cold, the leaves are changing color, and Halloween is only two weeks away – it’s time to head to a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Thistleberry Farm in South Bend is one of the best farms in the area for fall fun. Not only does it have a legit pumpkin patch where you can actually take a hayride out to the field and pick your own pumpkins, but it also has a variety of other festive fall activities, such as several corn mazes for different age groups, a petting zoo, a jumping pillow and a corn cannon (in case you feel the urge to release your anger with a gun that shoots corn cobs).

While many of the activities are designed for small children, the four corn mazes are fun for all age groups. Three of the four are easy to complete, but the largest, the Adventure Maze, takes more than an hour.

Corn Maze

Corn maze

Despite the fact that we’re all in our thirties, my friends and I had a great time completing the maze, jumping on the hayride and picking pumpkins, and petting some farm animals. We continued the fun at home by carving the pumpkins and watching a scary movie.

Thistleberry Farm
61391 Mayflower Road
South Bend, IN 46614




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