Oaken Bucket (Fall Edition)

Oaken Bucket

Oaken Bucket

If you are just visiting the Bend for the first time and find yourself on the corner of Ironwood and River Rd, you probably wouldn’t give a second thought to the homely restaurant on the corner.  Well, maybe you’d notice the odd name: Hensell’s Oaken Bucket.  I mean, what do you even use an oaken bucket for?*  And why name a restaurant after it?  You may also be intrigued by the crowded parking lot—all that traffic for burgers and fries?

But any local will tell you, Oaken Bucket’s secret is out back.  They have far and away the best river dining in the region, with an expansive two tier deck stretching out over the river.  The Bucket gets most of its business in the summer, but I actually prefer it in the Fall, when you can take in the river at its most beautiful.  Best yet, there is usually no wait for a table.  Just bring a sweater…

The Bucket has a pretty decent draft beer selection, and you can’t beat the prices.  Their burgers are also solid; their biggest one is the size of a dinner plate.  You can also rent out the “tiki bar” downstairs for events.  I’d say its hard to find a better happy hour venue in the Bend—certainly nowhere better along the river.

*Also it appears the oaken bucket is a football thing.  

A view from the Oaken Bucket ``Tiki Bar''

A view from the Oaken Bucket “Tiki Bar”


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