The Midwest Territory Band performing

The Midwest Territory Band performing

There are so many things I love about LangLab. Located south of downtown South Bend at 1302 High Street, LangLab is a 33,000 ft warehouse that serves as an event/concert space, bar, art gallery, artist studio and private office space. The coolest thing about LangLab is that it encourages community participation. While the LangLab staff brings in a variety of musical acts, they also allow community members  to rent out the space for both public and private events.

Here’s why I love LangLab:

1. I feel like I’m entering a speakeasy every time I visit. It’s located in a warehouse district that is dead at night . There’s no sign on the front of the building except for the address – it looks like an abandoned boarded up warehouse from the outside. There’s a small metal door on the side of the building with “LangLab” spray pained on it.  Once you go through the  door, you enter a bright, cheery, artistic space and feel as though you’ve walked through the wardrobe into a hipster version of Narnia.


The bar

2. They offer something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in listening to a live band, having a beer at the bar, checking out the latest art show in the gallery, or learning how to salsa, LangLab is the place for you.

3. You can rent it out for private events. I was once invited to a birthday party at LangLab for someone I didn’t know. His dream was to have a giant dance party for his thirtieth birthday, so he bought a bunch of beer and wine and hired a DJ and invited a ton of random people – it was great fun.

4. LangLab brings in some excellent bands. View the schedule of upcoming events.

LangLab gallery

The gallery

5. It has a good vibe. It’s a laid back environment, people are friendly, and it attracts a diverse crowd.  It’s generally just a great place to hang out.

6. (Updated 9/29/16) LangLab now has a new cafe operated by the coffee roasters, Zen Cafe, which you’ve likely seen at the South Bend Farmer’s Market. Grab an espresso or latte and a seat on one of the comfy couches and enjoy the unique surroundings!

Check it out!




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