Getting Bent’s OCTOBER BENDER Part One: The Crooked Ewe


It’s getting past that point in October when the glorious colors and the crisp blue skies make up for the colder days and darker mornings. And that means, it’s time to take refuge inside.

There’s no better place to spend a cold fall evening in South Bend than at the pub of your choice, and Getting Bent is here to guide you to our very favorite place to grab a pint and a bite.

Up first is the Crooked Ewe, my current favorite pub. This cozy bar opened in the old VFW building on the river, right across the street from the Farmer’s Market. And if you’re anything like my husband, you were counting the days until you could visit!

The wait for this grand opening was totally worth it, and the Crooked Ewe just keeps getting better!

Let’s talk about beer. The Glasgow Butcher Scotch Ale is absolutely delightful, beautifully balanced with a hearty flavor. It’s one of the best Scotch Ales I’ve ever had, and that’s after going to Scotland and drinking many in the pubs with my husband’s family. The Crooked Ewe brewers just know what they’re doing.

I tried the Turtle Tamer IPA last time we visited as well, and it was completely different from the Scotch Ale, but just as satisfying. You want to try their beer, is all I’m saying!

burger and wingsThe chef at the Crooked Ewe (also the guy behind all the amazing carpentry and woodwork that creates this modern hip space) has done things with food that you just don’t see in South Bend.

This is a burger with fruit leather on top. I know, right? It’s awesome. Served with housemade pickles and shoestring fries, it’s out of this world.

ewetsoMy personal favorite, though, has to be the spicy, crunchy, satisfyingly unusual Ewe Tso—cauliflower, flash fried, with a General Tso’s style spicy sauce. Served with a kim chee fried rice topped with a soft boiled egg like you have NEVER tasted before. It’s comfort food, but not like your mom’s chicken and dumplings. This is comfort food that you never knew you missed in your life until you taste it at the Crooked Ewe for the first time. And then, you just want more. Like, you might have it for lunch, and want to come back for dinner!

The atmosphere is hipster, but in a very good way. The people behind the scenes know what they’re doing, and do it with genuine artistic flare. They made plates out of slabs of wood. And they serve their own smoked meats on these wood plates.

Just go to the Crooked Ewe. Order a pint. Sit at the bar, or in front of the fireplace, and hunker down. Because winter is coming.




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