OCTOBER BENDER PART 2: Fiddler’s Hearth

Fellow Benders,

Founder's Breakfast Stout at Fiddler's Hearth

Founder’s Breakfast Stout at Fiddler’s Hearth

We’ve had a cold and rainy week here.  On a blustery night, there is no better place in downtown South Bend than Fiddlers Hearth.  Sit by the fire, hear some music, drink a pint with some friends, make some new friends…  Of all of the bars and restaurants we feature on this blog, Fiddler’s is definitely the coziest and has the deepest community roots.

The menu is brief but solid.  I strongly (emphatically!) recommend the fish and chips, which are the best on this side of the pond.  (I can say things like that because I lived in England for two years.)  As far as beers go, there is typically something good on cask, but I like the darker, colder stuff and will almost universally start with a pint of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  If you are feeling October-y, they have a decent pumpkin ale on nitro right now.  They usually have a great selection from localist breweries.  If you are in the mood for the even harder stuff, they have a jaw-dropping whiskey selection.  After a dram or two of Redbreast, you’ll likely find yourself singing along with the band.  The tables are mostly communal, so come prepared to share.

When it comes time for dessert there is one and exactly one thing you must order—the bread pudding.  It’s insane.  Honestly at this point it would also be good to have some friends around because (1) it is pretty big, and (2) you’ll feel better about inhaling all those calories if you have some friends helping out.

Open Mic Night at Fiddlers

Open Mic Night at Fiddlers

Fiddlers is one of the better and consistent musical venues in South Bend.  Last night was a Halloween themed open mic, which was a blast.  I had a pint with the ghost of Kurt Cobain.  My friends and I heard an excellent cover of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie.  We left just as Satan was taking the stage with his ukulele…

We’ll have more to say about DTSB’s Restaurant Week as it gets closer, but Fiddler’s always puts on a great spread for that. I’d call ahead to try to reserve a table then.

Downside of Fiddlers?  It can get a bit loud if it is a full band night in the main dining hall, so if you are more in the mood for quiet conversation, check the show schedule before you go.


PS: Stay tuned tomorrow for another stop on our Bender…

Buddy Holly makes an appearance at Fiddler's Hearth.

Buddy Holly makes an appearance at Fiddler’s Hearth.

Having a pint with the ghost of Kurt Cobain (who also did a mighty fine cover of Nirvana unplugged).

Having a pint with the ghost of Kurt Cobain (who also did a mighty fine cover of Nirvana unplugged).


2 thoughts on “OCTOBER BENDER PART 2: Fiddler’s Hearth

  1. Andrew MacKenzie says:

    Thank you for the nice comment about Valerie. That was a first for us (Ginger and The Baked Goods) last night playing with the band acoustically. It was a fun time, we will be hitting the area very soon with more band members and in full form plugged in 🙂


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