Getting Bent’s OCTOBER BENDER Part 3: CJ’s Pub

In the words of Ned Stark, “Winter is coming.” (For those of you out of touch with pop culture, that was a Game of Thrones reference.) I don’t know about you, but I think the best way to build up your Northern Indiana hibernation fat is with a delicious burger and an ice cold pitcher of beer in a dark, cave-like dive bar.

As a result, Getting Bent’s OCTOBER BENDER: Part 3 will focus on a place to do just that – CJ’s Pub – located in downtown South Bend. In my opinion, CJ’s Pub has the best burgers in The Bend. In fact, their burgers are so good they’ve been featured in Sports Illustrated, The Chicago Tribune, Men’s Journal, Food and Wine Magazine, and on ESPN Game Day.

The great thing about CJ’s is their HUGE variety of burgers, which sets them apart from other pubs and burger joints in the area. Whether you’re interested in the Napalm Burger that’s stuffed with serrano chiles, jalapeños, and ghost cheese, or a less adventurous hamburger, CJ’s is the place for you.

When ordering, you have a choice of the 5 oz Cubby size, the standard 10 oz Super Pub Burger, or, if you’re really hangry, the 20 oz Golden Domer. Pair your burger with an inexpensive mug or pitcher of American beer from the tap (don’t expect fancy, craft beer here) and some waffle fries or beer battered onion rings, and you’re going to have a great night.


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