Hammes Bookstore

Hey Benders,

A perfect November Day walking in Notre Dame's ``God Quad''.

A perfect November Day walking in Notre Dame’s “God Quad”.

We had a lot of fun with out October Bender last week.  And my pessimism about the Fall weather sticking around was COMPLETELY UNWARRANTED.  Today might just have been the prettiest November day in Indiana history.

I’m gearing up for another work trip (New York this time, so probably won’t have a Thursday post).  I needed to pick up some reading for the flights and hotel, so I headed over to the Notre Dame Hammes bookstore this afternoon.  You probably mentally associate the bookstore with one thing: football merchandise.  And yes, it is true, you can easily buy a dozen different Under Armour Fighting Irish hoodies there.  But—and this is more surprising—it’s actually a pretty *legit* bookstore.  Their philosophy section spans two aisles and is very well-curated.  I’d say they shoot 90% for carrying fiction books I am after (mostly sci-fi and apocalyptic novels).  It’s very browsable.  In a world where Barnes and Noble has replaced most of their shelves with Nook accessories, it is nice to have at least one somewhat serious local bookstore carrying new stuff, weird stuff and academic books.

The ``M'' section of the Philosophy aisle at Hammes.

The “M” section of the Philosophy aisle at Hammes.

And as of this summer they have an Einstein Bros bagels.  Honestly, the bagels alone would be enough to drag me over there once or twice a month.

The bookstore is also an interesting spot to take out of town guests, since they have a copious amount of what I like to call “Catholic bling”—statues of your favorite patron saints, bejeweled rosaries, and all manner of liturgical aids.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find this stuff at the University Park Mall, and it gives you an interesting glimpse into new and old religious traditions.

Avoid it like the plague on a home game weekend or doing student move-in, of course.

See you guys next week,



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