Rum Village Park

The trail map

The trail map

Well, we were clearly wrong in last week’s prediction that winter weather was imminent. It’s November 3 and 71 degrees and sunny – which is awesome! So, save the list of our OCTOBER BENDER bars for later in the month when it’s actually cold and slushy, and get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

One of my favorite places to go for a hike or to walk the dog is Rum Village Park. A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I took Delilah the Demon Beast on a walk in Rum Village – and she was a very happy dog. We were also very happy humans.

Rum Village is located on the southwest side of South Bend and admission is free. It’s run by the South Bend Parks and Recreation Department. There’s a nature center that has exhibits about the local flora and fauna and a room to watch the birds on feeders. In addition to a playground, frisbee golf course, picnic pavilions, and, more randomly, a Safety Town, there are several wooded hiking trails. If you’re into mountain biking, I’ve been told there also five miles of mountain biking trails just across the street from the main park.

The wooded paths

The wooded paths

While the hiking trails aren’t very long, you can connect the trails that loop around the the park, making for a longer walk (all of the trails total three miles). The trails are remarkably hilly, which adds an interesting dimension to your hike. The wooded scenery is lovely and there are a ton of deer. On nearly every visit, we’ve encountered a herd of deer roaming the woods, especially around dusk. In fact, once, we turned the corner on our hike and a herd of deer was less than 10 feet away laying in the brush. For the humans, it was a lovely sight. For a basset hound who is driven completely by her nose, it was total and utter madness.

Since Rum Village is located just southwest of downtown, it’s an easy place to go after work. Grab your dog or your family members (or both) and head over to Rum Village tonight for a lovely walk in the woods.



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