Fernwood Botanical Gardens

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Prairie trail at Fernwood

Prairie trail at Fernwood

Last Tues, McK shared her love for Rum Village.  If you are looking for short beautiful hiking spots within a stone’s throw of the Bend, I also strongly recommend Fernwood Botanical Garden.  Fernwood is up in Niles, and is a perfect afternoon outing.  They have a variety of well-tended gardens near the visitor’s center, and several miles of well-marked paths taking you along the bank of the St. Joe River, through tall prairie grass, through really stunning arboretum and many spots in between.

I stopped off at Fernwood for an hour of walking last Wednesday after work.  I started off at the Nature Center and headed down the Wilderness path toward the river, winding my way around the property.  The trails are pretty leaf-covered this time of year, as you might imagine, but it was still easy to find most of them.  And while wandering about I saw many squirrels and chipmunks, and even a rafter of wild turkeys!  (My friend Margaret looked up that term for me…)

Waling the trails at Fernwood

Walking the trails at Fernwood

Fernwood charges $8 for regular adult admission—less for kids, students and botanical club members.  They have a cafe and a gift shop in the main entry, and you can always mosey to downtown Niles or Buchanan for a bite after your trip out there.

Speaking of Niles and Buchanan, we really need to get on posting some of the great stuff up there!


PS: A few more shots from the trails…




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