Chicory Cafe

The mufaletta

The mufaletta

Last week, Jane said that coffee and books keep her alive. For me, coffee and breakfast sandwiches keep me alive. My favorite place in to grab an excellent cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich is Chicory Cafe, a cajun themed coffee shop at the corner of Jefferson and Michigan Streets in downtown South Bend.

Here are the many reasons I love Chicory Cafe:

  1. They have excellent coffee and espresso beverages. My personal favorite is the café au lait made with chicory coffee, a southern tradition. A café au lait is half steamed milk and half coffee.
  2. They have boozy coffee beverages. Last winter they had an excellent latte made with hot chocolate and butterscotch schnapps. Check their list of drink specials for other delicious concoctions.
  3. chicory cafe

    The interior of Chicory Cafe

    They have breakfast sandwiches!

  4. They have BEIGNETS!
  5. I’m in love with the cajun fish po’ boy. Pair the sandwich with a bag of Cajun Zapp’s potato chips or the tomato gouda bisque and you’ll be in excellent shape for lunch.  The mufaletta is also good.
  6. They have several varieties of macaroni and cheese – including mac and cheese with bacon, andouille sausage, or crawfish. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love cheese, so any place with mac and cheese on the menu makes me a happy camper.
  7. If you’re not a coffee fan, the hot chocolate and Italian sodas are excellent.
  8. They have live music.
  9. The have weekly Wednesday trivia nights with $15 bottles of wine.
  10. For a while they had Sunday brunch with cajun themed eggs benedict and a Bloody Mary bar. I’m not sure if this is still a thing, but if so, you should definitely try it out.



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