Rocco’s Pizza

As a kid I was mildly obsessed with a cartoon called Rocco’s Modern Life, which was

pretty big during Nickolodean’s “acid trip phase” of children’s programming.  (Anyone else remember Ren and Stimpy?)  Anyways, as an adult I am wildly obsessed with Rocco’s Pizza.  On Tuesday, McK, Bob, Jane and I met up there for a post-work dinner.

Jane and McK joined me at Roccos.

Jane and McK joined me at Roccos.

I’ll just come out and say it—I think Rocco’s is the best pizza in the South Bend region.  Some folks prefer Bruno’s.  A few of the more rabid Chicagoans insist on driving out to Granger for deep dish at Gianetto’s.  Those are all great pizza options.  (Though more than two slices of deep dish will likely kill you.)  Still nobody in town—on Earth?—beats the veggie combo at Rocco’s.  Nobody.

The Veggie Combo (top) and Meat Combo (bottom)

The Veggie Combo (top) and Meat Combo (bottom)

Now don’t be fooled by the name.  The “veggies” that make this combo are three toppings—garlic, basil, and tomato slices.  I’m not pedantic about such things, but I’ll just note that none of those three ingredients are obvious candidates for counting as vegetables.  Still together, they make for an insanely good thin crust pizza.  One night four years ago, I drove to Rocco’s in a blizzard just to get a veggie combo.  I hear their other pizzas are good too.  Wouldn’t know.  I always get the veggie combo.  I cannot imagine why you would order anything else for dinner.

Rocco’s also has a great selection of local beers including some of the better Greenbush options.  The vibe inside is warm, friendly, and almost always crowded with families and locals.  The walls are lined with ND, South Bend, and Catholic pictures.  It oozes character.

Rocco’s is closed Sunday and Monday (which I often forget).  And if you are going on a Friday or Saturday budget a bit of time to wait for your table.


PS: The garlic bread is pretty clutch too.


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