Cheema Indian Grocery Store

Next week I am headed to Delhi.  (Also probably no post next week, since I will be in India!)  Anyways, preparing for the trip has meant filing visa paperwork, rescheduling lots of meetings at work, and most importantly, making lists and lists of all of the dishes I want to eat while over there.  Last week, I couldn’t take the anticipation any more and decided to fix some tofu curry for dinner.  This occasioned a trip to Cheema, the Indian grocery store just over the Mishawaka border.

Goodies bought at Cheema

Goodies bought at Cheema

Cheema has an amazing selection of spices, chutneys, curry pastes, lentils, rice… they even have Kingfisher beer if you are aiming for a truly authentic feast.  The prices are great too.  I bought a huge bag of curry powder, several boxes of garam masala, vindaloo paste, hot mango chutney and a few other odds and ends.  (I already had the tofu.)

And if you don’t feel like cooking but still feel like curry, you can head next door to India Garden.

Happy cooking!



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