Vintage cocktails

On Saturday, Meg, Jane, and I decided to explore two of Southwest, Michigan’s newest dining and drinking establishments  – Staymaker and Cultivate Brewing Company. Since Meg will be covering Cultivate in a later post, I’ll focus on Staymaker today.

Staymaker is owned by the same family that owns Journeyman Distillery. Journeyman is a craft distillery that houses a very hipster-looking (in a good way) bar with excellent cocktails; Staymaker is a full-service restaurant. (Don’t worry – Journeyman’s delicious cocktails are also available to order at Staymaker). While considered separate establishments, both Journeyman and Staymaker are located in the same building – a really cool old corset bone and buggy whip factory – and are connected by a small hallway in the back. It appears that the newly expanded space will not only allow them to serve food, but also expand their distillery operations significantly.

I’ve always loved visiting Three Oaks, Michigan, (check out our day-trip itinerary) and stopping for a drink at Journeyman. In my opinion, Journeyman’s limited food menu was its weak link. When I heard that the owners had decided to open a restaurant on the premises, I was pretty excited.

Bison Burger

The bison burger

Staymaker’s menu consists mostly of appetizers, pizza, sandwiches, and a few entrees. While that may not sound super exciting, it’s the ingredients that set Staymaker apart from other restaurants. Journeyman started as a whiskey distillery, so whiskey is a common ingredient. I had a bison burger covered in whiskey caramelized onions, white cheddar and whiskey BBQ sauce on a brioche bun, which was served with really great seasoned fresh cut fries.  Meg and a few of our friends shared the crispy pork belly appetizer with acorn squash and bourbon maple glaze served with jalapeños. They also sampled the seasonal pizza with butternut squash. Jane enjoyed the whiskey panna cotta and the bourbon barrel maple nuts. The cheese board also looked impressive from afar. Overall, everyone enjoyed their appetizers, food, desserts and cocktails.

I would highly recommend visiting Staymaker as well as Journeyman if you haven’t been there. The food and ambience are both excellent. Catch a film at the Vicker’s Theatre before or after dinner for a great date night. If you want to make it a weekend getaway with friends, check out Journeyman’s amazing rental property next door, which sleeps 18.



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