LaSalle Kitchen

Hey Benders,

Dinner at LSK---burgers, wings, charcuterie---oh my!

Dinner at LSK—burgers, wings, charcuterie—oh my!

It’s getting colder (I am just going to keep whining about that).  But even with winter setting in there is no reason to hide out at home.  One of the easiest and coziest places to hang out on a snowy night in the Bend?  Lasalle Kitchen.  Or—as those in the know call it—“LSK”.  Now don’t confuse LSK with its more expensive downstairs cousin, Lasalle Grille.  The Grille is a suit and tie kind of place.  The food is amazing, but if you are watching your finances, it is best reserved for special occasions.  LSK is on the third floor of the same building, and its an unpretentious and fun bar, with great food and regular music.  I headed there for drinks and small plates with friends last weekend.

LSK always has a good selection of local draft beers, and keeps pace with Fiddler’s on this front.  While Fiddler’s has great Irish food and fiddling, LSK is more rock music and charcuterie.  In fact, unless you are a vegetarian, you’d be crazy not to order a charcuterie platter when you are over there.  We ordered a selection of four different salamis (whose names escape me).  One was bright with fennel seeds.  Another was crimson and spicy.  All of them were gone in the order of about five minutes.

My other favorites are the burgers and the drunken steak skewers.  The wings are solid.  (You might notice a carnivorous theme…)  Not in the mood for beer?  They also have some great signature cocktails and a huge selection of the brown stuff.

IMG_3521Like at Fiddler’s, I recommend checking the music schedule before going.  You can hear some great local bands at LSK.  But if you want a quiet dinner and conversation, it may not be the best bet on a band night.


PS: I’m in India!  (I posted this before I left.)  So no update from me on Thursday, but hoping to be back with many adventures next week.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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