The Electric Brew

Goshen has great biking (The Pumpkinvine!), great pizza (Venturi…speaking of which, we need a post on them…) and it also has one of my favorite regional coffee shops: The Electric Brew.  Situated next to Ignition Garage (a great music venue!…also post worthy….), Electric Brew is the funky, always-busy-but-amply-tabled, hangout spot downtown.  They make a completely respectable Americano.  They also have an ever-changing menu of sandwiches, soups and fresh baked goods.  Feeling crunchy?  There are also some great vegetarian selections on the rotation.

Where Electric Brew truly shines is atmosphere.  As I said, it has ample space, with lots of tables, couches, and even an art room in back.  It’s a genuine community coffee shop—Goshen College students in PJs sitting next to city workers on their lunch break, and, yes, from time to time an ND professor drops in to lockdown for an afternoon of edits on a paper.  It feels busy but not rushed.  Definitely worth the quick ride from the Bend for a coffee catchup with a friend, an afternoon of writing or studying, or as part of a longer afternoon/evening enjoying all that Goshen has to offer.



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