Vickers Theater

I’d been wanting to see Suffragette for   awhile now, but I’d been waiting for the right opportunity.  I mean, it is the kind of film you want to see with a big audience who is just as pumped up about enfranchisement as you are.  I knew I’d want folks to talk about it with me. Yesterday the stars aligned when I noticed it was playing at the Vickers.  I hopped in the car and cruised up to Three Oaks for the matinee.

IMG_3970Vickers Theater is Three Oaks’ one-screen wonder of a cinema.  They show contemporary film, art house, and oldies.  This screening of Suffragette was packed (I even ran into the bartender from Tapastrie, who was there with his friends).  The film—like others at Vickers—started with a short talk.  In this case the focus was on the history of the suffrage movement in the UK and US.  Prizes were given out for audience members knowing trivia, like which state first gave women the vote.  (Wyoming)  And there was a discussion of why there aren’t more films starring, directed, and produced by women.  By the time we got to the opening credits, the audience was pumped.

Vickers is a real treasure—bringing people together to enjoy an important art form.  And while I love my Netflix account, nothing beats the experience of being in a packed theater, sharing the big screen.

IMG_3966After your movie, I highly recommend stopping at the Pleasant House bakery across the street.  Grab a pint of their in-house beer, a meat pie, or a pastie and argue with your neighbors about Third Wave feminism.



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