Iechyd Da

IMG_3950Iechyd Da wins the awards for (1) hardest restaurant name to pronounce and (2) best pizza and beer joint in Elkhart (and easily a top contender for the region).  The correct pronunciation—according to their website—is “yah-key-da”, but if you call it that nobody will really know what you are talking about.  Best to go with the proper Midwestern pronunciation: “eychee daa”.  No matter how you say it, it is absolutely worth the short drive from the Bend.

IMG_3951Some friends and I went their for post-work dinner last Friday.  The beers were fantastic—I had their porter, but everything was sampled was high quality.  We split an order of the Bread of St David—cheesy garlic bread which disappeared in a matter of minutes.  And then we split two pizzas, the Simple Tenby and the Swansea.  Both were delicious, but I’d recommend going for more toppings.

Iechyd Da has a great local vibe.  It is seat yourself, and the Friday we went, it was packed.  The waitstaff are incredibly friendly and stand by their food.  If you are looking for a laid-back Friday night dinner spot, with good beer and a lot of local color, I’d put it on your rotation.  I’ll definitely be back soon.


PS: Spelling errors the first time.  Serves me right for posting on my phone!



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