Union Coffee House (Buchanan)

Hi Benders!

Sorry for the long delay—I spent most of the past month on the road and it is hard to post if I’m not at home!  Well, I am back and back with me… the snow.  As my friends and neighbors will tell you, I am not the biggest fan of wintry weather.  But, there is something to be said about spending a frigid January afternoon bundled up in a great coffee shop.  I love Electric Brew and the Overlook.  I want to add another to my list: Union Coffee House in Buchanan.

IMG_4220What makes Union special?  Their coffee is really good—even their drip coffee!—and if you go for the drip they have a true bottomless cup.  For me it is almost a hazard; I will inadvertently end up drinking 7 cups before I even know it.  They have fresh baked goods and a super friendly staff that will make you feel like you are stretching out in your own living room.  And from time to time they have live music (including Sundays), making it a great place to meet folks.

Buchanan is a great little town, halfway between the Bend and the Lake.  It has a small town vibe, but is right in the middle of many of the fun Lake attractions.  And Union is a great stop on your way to Fernwood or Greenbush.

Glad to be back from break!  So many local winter adventures I hope to post about.



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