Taste of India

Hi Benders,

I had been meaning to try Taste of India ever since it opened in the Fall.  But I just never quite got around to it.  So when my friend Alan suggested a snowy dinner adventure out there last Wednesday, I jumped at the chance.

Taste of India is on Main Street in Mishawaka, near Drive and Shine.  The parking lot can be a bit hard to find under all of that snow, so just go like you are parking at the Arby’s next door.

IMG_4262We ended up with eight people in our party, which was the perfect size to do a family style taste test of many of the dishes.  We started with pakoras and samosas, both of which I thought were excellent.  The samosas were crunchy, fluffy pyramids of potato, pea and spice.  The pakoras were freshly fried and disappeared within minutes.

For dinner we got a sampling of curries (including goat), tandoori chicken, and a delicious cauliflower dish.  We over-ordered on the naan, which came out fluffy, buttery, and garlicky.  Each piece was the size of a small pizza.  We washed it all down with a round of Kingfishers.  The staff were wonderful, and took great care of us.

I thought Taste of India was delicious, and I definitely want to go back soon (or even try it for take out).



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