Ignition Music Garage

IMG_5919About 40 minutes southeast of The Bend lies Goshen, Indiana, a small town with a surprisingly large number of excellent and eclectic shops and restaurants. Not only is it home to my favorite pizza place in the region, Venturi, it also houses The Electric Brew and one of the most convenient starting points for the Pumpkinvine Bike Trail, both of which Meg featured in earlier posts. Goshen is also the site of a variety of other cool locations, including Ignition Music Garage.

Ignition Music is a music store that sells CDs and records, among other things. It’s housed in an old garage with exposed brick walls, large glass windows and a stage located in the corner.

Ignition Music moonlights as a concert venue, and brings in a variety of interesting acts from across the region and the U.S. You can check check out their full list of shows on their website.

After browsing the many racks of CDs and records, head next door to The Electic Brew for an excellent latte.



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