Warren Dunes in the Winter

Everyone knows Warren Dunes is great in the summer.  I once waited in traffic for over an hour trying to get to the beach for Memorial Day.  Less widely known, the Dunes are also spectacular (and far less crowded) in the winter.  With our weird 50 degree and sunny weather on Sat, some friends and I headed out to the beach!

IMG_4299 (1)The entry fee for Warren Dunes is $9 if you have Indiana plates (and no year-round pass).  We pulled right up to the beach and parked.  The shore of Lake Michigan has several meters of sandy snow and ice, making it feel as though you are traversing a glacier.  The dunes themselves were still all sand, and definitely still climbable, if a bit soggy.

We had a great afternoon walking around, finished off with pizza and coffee at Staymaker on the way home.  Hoping El Nino keeps working its magic and perhaps we get more glimpses of Spring in February.



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