February Bender Part 1: Green Star Cafe

It’s February! And the groundhog predicted an early spring! Since we started the winter season with Getting Bent’s October Bender, it’s only appropriate to finish off the winter with a follow-up Bender. So, it’s time for Getting Bent’s February Bender, a series where we will feature a few different bars in the region. For those of you who missed out on our October Bender, you can read the posts here.



I went to Green Star Cafe for the first time last week, when a few of my friends and I were on the quest for a shuffleboard table. Located in a strip of storefronts on Miami Street, just a couple of blocks down from Javier’s Bistro (yum!), Green Star Cafe is an excellent neighborhood bar. It’s the type of place where most of the people at the old wooden bar are regulars and it has the Cheer’s “everybody knows your name” vibe.

When we arrived, we grabbed some drinks from the friendly bartender and headed to the shuffleboard table in the back. I, perhaps, am the worst shuffleboard player on the planet, but I did find it pretty fun to try and maneuver the pucks over the silicone beads. I will admit that I failed to score any points for our team since I was a little overzealous with my puck sliding.

If you’re looking for a casual neighborhood bar or something do, head over to Green Star Cafe and try your hand at shuffleboard.



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