February Bender Part 3: Evil Czech Brewery

Our February Bender (aka tour of local watering holes) continues with one of my faves—Evil Czech.  Evil Czech opened their Mishawaka location on Main Street two years ago, and quickly became a local fixture.  They have a brilliant selection of specialty brews, which you pick out using a quirky baseball card menu.  I’m a fan of the GG Patton and Evil Czech; I’ve yet to work up the courage to try the ghost pepper porter, the Evil Ninja.

The food at the Czech is equally tasty and equally quirky.  They have standard pub grub (i.e. burgers and wings).  But they also have fried guac, duck tacos, and poutine.  I loved the guac the first time I had it but now I am starting to think it’s a little *too weird.  The ribs are killer, but the portion is massive so you may want to bring along a friend or two to share.  The parmesan truffle fries are a classic, and I recommend not sharing them with anyone.

In the summer, Czech has live music and a truly fun patio.  (We’ll be out there soon—-only a few months away…)

So Czech it out, Benders!


PS: Photos courtesy of Evil Czech because I accidentally deleted them from my camera…


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