SBN: The South Bend Airport

IMG_4309I travel a fair bit for work (last year logging over 125000 flight miles, which is a personal record!)  So I am grateful that we have such a fantastic local airport.  When I first moved here in 2011, I was a bit skeptical.  “It’s an airport, and a train station, and a bus station, and war memorial museum, and…”  I was coming from NJ, and I figured any airport that didn’t have four terminals and its own monorail wasn’t worth the bother.  But five years and a lot of takeoffs and landing later, I love having the SBN here.

Lets get specific.  For one, I love that you can park so close to the terminal and dash to your flight.  For two, there is pretty much never a line at the TSA, but they’ll still let you walk through a special PreCheck line.  The food used to be kind of miserable, but the new Chocolate cafe and Studebagel outposts have meant that there is plenty to do in the event you hit a delay, and it has a local edge.  Free fast internet.  And if you are a Delta devotee like me, you can get pretty much anywhere in the world you like after a short stopover in Detroit, Atlanta, or Minneapolis.  (We could really use a Sky Club… a lady can dream.)

More than that even, the staff at SBN are really kind.  A few weeks ago I returned home to a pretty gross snow/sleet storm.  I didn’t have my winter gear with me, and I couldn’t quite remember where I’d parked in the lot a week earlier.  The super-friendly parking lot attendant/plow driver stopped to help me search and even helped me get access to the car.  When I was back at the airport a week later, he remembered me by name and we had a great conversation.  It made me a true believer in the big heart of the small town airport.


We have nine gates!  I think they only ever use like three of them.  Also not sure why we need a terminal A, given that there is no terminal B.



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