Rise and Roll

On Friday, I needed a ploy to entice 50-60 Notre Dame students to turn up to a video filming.  Promise them pizza?  Too cold and windy outside.  Promise a celebrity guest appearance (like Beyonce)?  Unethical and completely transparent.  Then it dawned on me—Rise and Roll Donuts.  Sure enough, 50 full-size and three dozen mini-donuts later, out film was a great success and some folks even lingered after to finish off the (few) leftovers.


Frozen caramel cinnamon donuts at Rise and Roll–Perfect to take home.

Rise and Roll is one of the best bakeries in the region, and when it comes to donuts they have no equal on this earth.  The classic is the cinnamon caramel donut (which they also sell frozen in the event you want to exercise restraint and eat them later.)  The peanut butter filled donuts get rave reviews from my students (I am personally against filled-donuts as a concept).  And the chocolate crunch delight bismarck is covered in mashed Heath Bar and is basically dessert masquerading as breakfast.

Rise and Roll also makes a very respectable cup of coffee and sells a wide variety of regional preserves.  (I always pick up a jar of apple butter when I am in the store).  The staff and owners are exceedingly friendly, exuding the good humor and warmth you’d expect from Midwestern bakers.  Make it part of your weekend routine to drop by and pick up breakfast (or a dozen for your friends).



A display of preserves at Rise and Roll



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