Corndance Tavern

Hi Benders,

I had the chance to go over to Corndance Tavern for a work dinner last night. I love it whenever I have an excuse to go out there—Corndance is one of my favorite mid-upscale restaurants in the region.  They have an interesting and ever-changing menu.  The restaurant has an elegant steakhouse atmosphere, but with an original twist.

Corndance has some unexpected starter options, including a mean (and fresh!) tuna tataki.  My colleagues and I sweat by the “bison bites”—strips of bison wrapped around green onions and topped with some mysterious, delicious sauce.

The go-to entree for Corndance are the steaks, which come in a variety of cuts. I opted for the Hangar Steak with fried yucca potatoes and chimichurri.  it was perfectly cooked (medium), with a fresh tangy sauce.  The yuccas were cut like steak fries, fried to a crisp and generously covered in sea salt.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also opt for the Sword of John Adams.  That’s really what it is called.  Put yourself in the shoes of young Arthur in T.H. White’s epic the Once and Future King.  Before you lies a sacred sword which will ensure your perpetual dinner dominion in Mishawaka.  Except instead of being trapped in granite, this particular sword is impaled in a steak, three grilled chicken breasts, a potato, and some sort of fried cheesy garlic bread thing.  Not even Uther Pendragon could envision such a trial.  My friend Daniel emerged victorious after ordering it last night. (Pics below) The contents of the Sword change periodically, but if you are in the mood for a lot of meat impaled on a sword—Corndance is your place.

They also have great desserts.  I am partial to the homemade donuts.

Corndance is a bit pricey, so recommended most for date nights and special occasions.  But it isn’t so fancy that you need to wear a tie.  Definitely worth the journey over to Mishawaka.


Featured image care of Corndance…


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