Lighthouse Place Outlet Mall

Since about August of last year, I have been trying to change my sedentary ways and get in shape.  This came about partly because I found how much I love biking and wanted to be better at it.  Partly because I started writing a book about rational planning and realized I should practice what I preach.  And partly because exercising become a great way of procrastinating from working on aforementioned book.

Anyways, after a few months, I started to realize I was having a hard time fitting into my clothes.  I was feeling better and stronger, but with each passing month I was looking more like MC Hammer when I dressed up for work.hammer-pants

Whenever I am in fashion crisis mode like this, I’m grateful for the Lighthouse Place outlets out in Michigan City.  Its a 40 minute (and lovely) drive from my house.  I head up there a few times a year at least to stock up, and most recently my focus has been on dress pants for work.  They have a pretty wide variety of top brands: Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew being my go-tos.  Talbots is coming later this year.

The Michigan City outlets are also great for outdoor gear.  They have a Columbia and Eddie Bauer.  They just opened a Northface last fall, which is perpetually crowded.  You can also scope out deals on higher-end home goods (Le Creuset pots, Bose speakers, and nearly any cooking gadget you can imagine.)

IMG_4330I’ve bought everything from suits (navy Brooks Brothers—under $200) to PJ pants (Old Navy—$5) out at Lighthouse Place, and I always get a deal.  It’s also a fun day excursion with friends, especially if you combine it with lunch down by the lake.  (Perhaps Cafe Gulistan?)  With the beautiful Spring weather here, might be time to clean out your closet…


*Featured Image from Simon Malls website.


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