Dyngus Day

Each year, the South Bend community hosts one of the largest Dyngus Day, or Easter Monday, celebrations in the United States. In South Bend, Dyngus Day is not only a Polish celebration featuring copious quantities of beer and sausage, it also marks the official start of campaign season. It takes place tomorrow, March 28.


Polish Plate at ZB Falcons

The day consists of a bar crawl to various political clubs and pubs. Politicians from South Bend and across the state use the day to campaign and meet their constituents. Guest appearances over the years have included Robert Kennedy and Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as many congressmen.

Official stops on the Democratic Dyngus Day crawl include breakfast at UAW Local 5, Hoosier Tap, the West Side Democratic Club, the Elks Lodge and the Clay Township Club.

For a complete schedule of the Democratic events as well as a list of those campaigning, visit – http://www.stjoedemocrats.org. For a list of Republican events, visit – http://gopsjcin.com/#category/20/article/899.

I’m particularly looking forward to the many Polish food buffets and dancing the Polka. 



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