Kalamazoo Part 2: Bell’s Eccentric Cafe


Reuben & Mushroom Brie Burger

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my trip to the Air Zoo, an awesome interactive aviation museum and amusement park just outside of Kalamazoo. After spending the afternoon wandering through the hangars filled with colorful planes and riding on the carousel and balloon rides, it was time to check off an item that had been sitting on my bucket list since I moved to South Bend – visiting Bell’s Eccentric Cafe.

There are few beers that I enjoy drinking more on a warm summer day than an Oberon, Bell’s  seasonal summer wheat ale. I’ve been enjoying Oberon for years, and had always wanted to go to Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo to check out their selection. While Bell’s most popular beers are now widely distributed throughout the Midwest, Bell’s Eccentric Cafe offers a variety of small batch beers that are only sold at the brewery.


Buffalo Chicken Dip

We decided to start our visit by each ordering a flight of five small tasting glasses of beer. This provided us with the opportunity to try multiple beers that are regularly on the menu as well as some that are only available at the Cafe. One of my favorite specialty beers was the Mole Stout, which was on rotation that day.

In addition to ordering beer, we also got a couple of appetizers – the Fried Brussels Sprouts with parmesan and lemon and the Buffalo Chicken Dip served with pita. Both were sizable portions and had excellent flavor. For dinner, our group ordered the Mushroom and Brie Burger, Jam Burger, Reuben, and Fried Whitefish Sandwich. Everything was good, but the Jam Burger covered in bacon onion jam and tomato jam was definitely the best. The flavor was excellent.

I would highly recommend a stop at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe if you’re visiting Kalamazoo. It’s a fun place to go for a pint and enjoy a yummy lunch or dinner.




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