Temper Grille

On Wednesday after work my friend Sonia and I hit up Temper Grille for dinner. Temper is up in Granger, very close to Costco and Aladdin’s.  Despite the fact that I end up in that neck of the woods weekly (because of my Costco problem), I’d never been in to Temper.  I explain the omission as some combination of my being intimidated by the angry name of the restaurant and my typically being already full from free samples after my Costco run.

Anyways, don’t overlook Temper.  The food is incredible, the prices very reasonable, the vibe is cool (and not at all angry), and it is a great option out on the Granger/Mishawaka border.  This particular night they were running specials on their craft beers, and I had the chance to try a new and really nice porter from a brewery up near Detroit.  (Forgot the name!)

IMG_4471 2

As usual, ate most of the food before remembering to photograph it…

Dinner at Temper is tapas style.  We split a hummus platter, some edamame, and the ahi poke.  The latter came with a condiment called “Real Wasabi”… I guess because it wasn’t just a horseradish-esque ersatz wasabi?  Whatever it’s ontological status, it was really good.  And the rest of the menu seemed interesting (lamb pops? scallops?  steak bites?).  Meat-heavy, so perhaps not the best bet for our vegetarian readers.  I’m already planning a trip back.

We had no problem getting a booth on a Weds night, but they take reservations which might be a good bet on busier weekends.


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