Potawatomi Zoo

One of my favorite ways to spend a warm spring or summer afternoon is by walking through the Potawatomi Zoo. The zoo, which opened April 1 for the season, offers a variety of interactive exhibits and special events throughout the year that are entertaining for both children and adults.


Adults can have fun too

The zoo has many crowd favorites, including the lions and tigers (oh my!), but it doesn’t have some of the larger animals, such as elephants and giraffes. On our most recent visit, I noticed several new additions to the zoo, including the Endangered Species Carousel, which the kiddies seemed to enjoy, some baby animals (the Takin baby was super cute!) and the chance to meet some creatures up close during the new animal encounters. We happened to run into a fennec fox on a leash who was super excited to see a chipmunk while being led around by a zoo keeper.


Watch out for the lions!

Every time I go to the zoo I encounter my inner child in the petting zoo. Have I mentioned that I love goats? I also love to feed the giant koi. Make sure to bring some quarters to get fish and goat food. There’s also a really cool exhibit where you get to walk through the kangaroo pen. My friend enjoyed seeing the red pandas.

In the fall, the Potawatomi Zoo hosts Zoo Brew, which is one of my favorite events of the year in South Bend. For about $40, you can sample unlimited craft brews and snack on food samples while wandering through the exhibits.

The Potawatomi Zoo is one of the best small zoos that I’ve been to. It provides hours of entertainment for both children and adults. It costs $9.50 for adults and $7.50 for children. If you frequent the zoo, consider the zoo membership for unlimited visits.





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