Let’s Spoon

Summer is upon us.  We are in the last few weeks of school.  The weather is warm and thunderstormy.  Game of Thrones Season 6 has started.  It is the perfect time of year for fro-yo.  The greater Bend area has a lot of good ice cream options, but none are as hilariously named as Let’s Spoon. Located right next door to Notre Dame, it is in the plaza near Dominos (and where Quincy’s used to be)*. And puns aside, they also have some damn fine dessert options.

IMG_4491On Sunday, my friends Alan and Sasha joined me there for my first frozen yogurt of the season.  The place was jumping—we were followed in by a dozen so Notre Dame students.  After sampling the watermelon flavored option (too weird), I opted for plain vanilla with heath bar and butterfingers.  Let’s Spoon has an expansive topping bar, and usually some wacky options for dressing your yogurt.  The outdoor patio seating is especially great on warm, muggy summer nights.

The staff are super friendly, and Let’s Spoon has a great, low-key community meet up vibe.  It is very kid friendly (and friendly to those of us who are kids at heart).  And because it is yogurt, you can pretend its healthy?


*We really need a Quincy’s replacement coffee shop near Notre Dame!



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