Book of Mormon (The Morris Center)

Hey Benders,

Back in 2013, I saw the Broadway cast of Book of Mormon perform in Chicago.  It was a fantastic night and well worth a jaunt up to the city.  But the only thing better than driving out to the Loop to see fine theater is walking to downtown South Bend for the same show.  Needless to say, I was thrilled when the Book of Mormon came through the Morris Center last week.  On Wednesday, a group of friends and I caught the performance.  It was nearly as good as the original Broadway production, and required far less parking hassle than up in Chicago.

IMG_4498The house was full, and we arrived about twenty minutes earlier to get snacks and drinks at the Morris bar.  I saw a lot of neighbors (and a few ND students) in line on the way in.  I guess South Bend appreciates the South Park humor.  The show itself was just as offensive and hilarious as I’d remembered.  The opening theme (“Hello!”) brought a raucous applause from this crowd.  And “All-American Prophet” had even our most reluctant and anti-musical friends howling.

The Morris is a beautiful space, and adds a healthy dose of culture to DTSB.  We grabbed Rocco’s before heading over to the show, but a night of the Morris would also be well-paired with Tapastrie, Cafe Navarre, Lasalle Grille or any of the other excellent downtown options.

I end up picking up a show at the Morris at least once a year, but honestly, I need to get on their mailing list since they have a constant stream of great acts coming though.  Between the Civic Theater, DPAC, and the Morris—there is too much to see!



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