The Prized Pig

My brother Connor has been living with me this summer.  Con and I are both from the


Get this kid some ribs!

south, and we come from a family of barbecue connoisseurs.  There are some decent options around the area, but none of the nearby places really capture the essence of good southern BBQ.  Slow smoked meats, random “salads” on the side, cornbread, a million sauces, no plates, napkins or shoes required…  I had pretty much given up hope of finding real barbecue in the Bend.  Until I discovered the Prized Pig out in Niles.

The Pig is simply phenomenal.  World class ribs, brisket, and smoked chicken.  Rich and fluffy cornbread.  Iced tea that can cure even the muggiest July afternoon.  Friendly staff and picnic table dining.  Connor and I headed up there on Friday (before going to see the new Ghostbusters movie).  We ordered ribs, chicken and cornbread… all served on butcher paper.  After doing a random sauce taste test we settled on the spicy bourbon glaze–not quite traditional for Southern BBQ but amazing.  If we hadn’t been in a rush to get to the movie, Connor would have likely ordered a second round of everything.  Even now I regret passing on the brisket and burnt ends.  We probably need to go back this week.

The Pig can sell out of their best BBQ, so you might call ahead before making the drive out to Niles to see if they still have some brisket for you.  Its fun to eat in the restaurant (or on one of the tables outside), but also great for takeout… especially if you bring a few platters home and pair them with your favorite beers.  Or if you want the full-blown North Carolina experience, order up some of their pulled pork and bring a bottle of Cheerwine from home.IMG_4710-2



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