West Side LOVE

by Jane

So, confession time. McK and I might have a serious, serious taco problem. We’re obsessed with great taco places, and finding the best place in South Bend.

Here’s a serious contender: Taqueria Chicago.

I tried this little family restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and it was SO, SO good! I got a carne asada taco and a carnitas taco. Sam had the Pastor and the Cesina tacos. All four were really great.


The carne asada was my favorite, the flavor reminded me of the carne asada made by my brother-in-law’s aunt Mary Karmen. She’s a legendary cook in Antonio’s family and this carne asada was almost as good as hers. The carnitas was also done really nicely, not too dry or crispy, as can easily happen when you fry pork. The cesina was something I’d never had anywhere else. It was good, kind of a pickled flavor to it, and the meat was tender and juicy. Sam ate the pastor so fast I didn’t even get to taste that one, so I’m guessing it was delicious! ūüėČ

Chicago also serves bottles of homemade red or green hot sauce with your order, to go with the tacos. Both are spicier than the salsa. I really loved the red sauce because I like super spicy things, but the green also had a nice kick and was a perfect complement to the carnitas with a squeeze of lime.

This restaurant is pretty simple inside. They’re all about delicious food and great prices. There were lots of customers coming in for carry-out orders as well as dine in when we were there.

After tacos, we headed across the street to one of the best ice cream places in South Bend. La Rosita¬†is newly renovated, and it’s amazing! I’ve never been in here without waiting in a long line of customers ordering fantastic treats. They have tons of ice cream flavors, ranging anywhere from typical chocolate and vanilla to more exotic creations like pine nut (surprisingly awesome), Mexican Hot Chocolate, or¬†¬†coconut.

La Rosita also serves street food, fruit bars, sorbets, and Mexican treats.


My favorite thing ¬†is a Chamoyada. It¬†comes with frozen Mango, Strawberry, and Pineapple fruit and ice cream and sorbet, chamoy, and tajin. It’s sweet, sour, and spicy and so satisfying. There isn’t much better in the world than Chamoyada. (I kind of dream about it!)


The Chamoyada at La Rosita is my favorite summer treat.

At some point, I will also work up the courage to try the Vampiro‚ÄĒa Mango shaved ice with hot sauce and peppers, and a tamarind candy straw. Sounds amazing, and weird. I can’t wait to try it.

McK and I are talking about getting together for a crazy all-day taco tour of South Bend, and writing about it on the blog as our October Bender, so look for that in the future! It’s sure to be an adventure!


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