New and Fun: Render Kitchen & Bar


by Jane

Happy Friday, Benders! Here’s something to celebrate: we’ve been waiting a long time for Render to open, and it was worth the wait!

Sometimes you need a romantic splurge in your life, and Render is the perfect little spot for a light early evening  dinner of great mixed drinks and shared small plates.

First, let’s discuss the cocktails. The one pictured above is called Rosemary Among Us. It was my favorite drink of the night, though all 3 cocktails Sam and I tried were amazing. This one was light and airy, thanks to the whipped egg whites, and the lemon rosemary flavor blend was refreshing and herbal without being too sweet. We also tried A Bourbon Breakfast—this bourbon cocktail has a blend of stout and coffee flavors, with a hint of pecan. The topper for this one? A skewer with a cherry and pork belly bites. Amazing, and it really brought out the “breakfast” theme. Finally, we sampled the Planter’s Punch, with an interesting twist that came from an allspice dram, very tasty!

Because Render focuses on small plates, we got a vegetable and 3 main dishes to try. (Apologizing now for the quality of our pictures, we went to dinner late, and it was getting dark so the light quality was not the best. Most of these don’t do the food justice, so definitely don’t judge by them!)

First, we had a beet salad, with red and gold beets, goat cheese, watercress, and crushed pistachios. This was just beautiful, with the beets plated in a ring and dotted with the creamy goat cheese. Just the right mix of tangy and sweet, we were very impressed with this dish. I even bought ingredients to recreate this at home a few days later because I was craving it!


I really enjoy the creative plating at Render. If you’re at all a Food Network Chopped junkie, like I am, it’s going to make you very happy!

The next two dishes were seafood. The first was oysters with a lemon cucumber sauce similar to a gremolata and edible flowers. Unusual flavors, but if you like oysters, this is a must-try dish. I’ve never had oysters with a sauce like this. It highlighted the fresh salty flavor, but brightened it and brought a tiny bit of sweetness. Also? Edible flowers are really cheerful, and add a touch of fancy to many of Render’s dishes that you don’t see at many South Bend restaurants.


The scallops with tagliatelle, peas, and pancetta was my favorite dish. This was the point of the meal when I wish I could have just ordered a giant version of this plate. The pasta tasted like it was homemade, fresh pasta, the cubes of pancetta were pefectly crisp and not at all burned. The scallops had a beautiful sear, but were not too done, so the middle still had the creamy, rare consistency that it should. I should tell you that we’re slow eaters, and our waitress took this plate away with 3 peas and a noodle still left on it, and my poor husband was devastated! That’s how good this one was!


Our last main course option was a duck breast and pickled plum (vinegary but sweet) with something I’ve never tried before—an almond custard. It was another win! The creamy custard was more flavorful than you’d expect, and it was a perfect complement to the seared duck. Duck is an Indiana specialty, you can always count on really good duck in this area.


We tried the Olive Oil Cake for dessert. This came with a buttermilk sorbet and fresh berries. It was just as delicious as it was beautiful. I really like this not-too-sweet style of desserts. And, it’s always great to eat your own entire cake!


Render is a pricier restaurant for the South Bend area, and it’s certainly not a place to go if you haven’t eaten any food all day.  But, it’s well worth the price if you like to try new creative food, prepared with real skill, and with an eye for beauty. Sam and I were both satisfied after our meal, and didn’t feel too full to enjoy the rest of our evening. He does want you to know that if all else fails, and you’re just a person who needs more food than this, have a couple of dishes as an appetizer with a good cocktail, then go next door for a burger at The View! Ha!


As for me, this might be one of my new favorite places for a special occasion, and I really can’t imagine having eaten a burger after all this deliciousness. I wanted to savor the moment. (Another plus: they take reservations, and you can do it from their website!)

So, go to Render and enjoy the evening. Sip a fancy cocktail, try the scallops at the very least, and watch people stroll down Jefferson. Life doesn’t get much better!





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