Erasmus Books

On Saturday, my friend Kris was in town from Syracuse.  He did some of his own research on South Bend before arriving, and asked if we could go to a cool used book store called Erasmus.  I’d never been — honestly I had no idea where it was. But I am always game for adventure.  After pulling it up on Google maps, I realized it is right down the street from my house…

Erasmus Books is a nondescript house on East Wayne Street in Sunnymede.  Inside IMG_5065.JPGthere are miles of well-curated used books on narrow shelves.  We lingered in the philosophy section, where Kris stocked up on some rare finds.  They have a great selection and most of the books were in fantastic shape. Discovering Erasmus is a bit like discovering South Bend’s secret library.

Erasmus takes cash or check, and it has a laid back, family-run vibe.  Worth tracking down for some shelf-wandering and personal library development.



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