Brunch at The Mason Jar Cafe


Half of the huevos rancheros and a honey cinnamon latte

I can’t remember the last time that I was as excited about finding a new restaurant as I was about the Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor, Michigan. When I lived in Chicago, my favorite part of the weekend was going to brunch at a place with delicious and creative food and espresso in an artsy and fun environment. I’ve been on the quest for something similar in or around South Bend for years, but haven’t quite found what I was looking for.

Well, I finally found it in the Mason Jar Cafe, which was even better than I imagined. It’s located in a small arts district in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The restaurant shares its space with a bunch of art galleries, which you can browse while you’re waiting for a table. The menu is excellent. My friend and I shared the Huevos Rancheros, which consisted of eggs, queso fresco, and guacamole over a corn tostada and black beans, and the Goat Cheese and Grit Cakes, a goat cheese and grit casserole served with eggs and breakfast potatoes.

When I thought the menu couldn’t get any better, I saw the long list of espresso concoctions. I had a cinnamon honey latte, which was SO GOOD, and my friend had a lavender honey latte. If you’re not a fan of coffee or espresso, I also saw a Nutella hot chocolate on the menu, which was very tempting.

The Mason Jar Cafe is located at 210 Water Street in Benton Harbor and is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3 pm, and from 8 to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. They also have a really yummy looking lunch menu. It’s a great place to start your day when visiting the wineries and breweries in the area. After breakfast, we did some wine and beer sampling at Dablon Vineyards and Domaine Berrien Cellars, and then visited a new brewery, Watermark Brewing Company – my other favorite find of 2016 (more on that in a later post).



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