Yellow Cat Cafe

Hey Benders –

Sorry for the long post hiatus. It was a busy spring to say the least.

My husband and I got back on Sunday night from a two-week trip to Thailand and Cambodia. After almost 30 hours of travel from Bangkok to South Bend and a 13-hour time difference, we were seriously suffering from jetlag. On Tuesday morning, we woke up at 4 am and were unable to go back to sleep. So, to make the most of the situation (and the lack of food in our fridge), we decided to try a new South Bend restaurant – Yellow Cat Café.

Conveniently, Yellow Cat Café opens at 6 a.m. for breakfast and is less than a mile from our house. When we arrived, there were only a couple of early risers in the restaurant, but the staff was super chipper and friendly. I ordered a vegetarian omelet, which was filled with onions, peppers, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms, with grits and a biscuit. Bob ordered the breakfast burrito.

Both entrees were great and with a coffee and orange juice, our bill came to less than $20.

Yellow Cat is located at 808 East Colfax on the East Race side of downtown South Bend. Dixie and Colfax Café were previously housed in this location. It’s a cute breakfast stop with great food at reasonable prices.

While the restaurant is usually only open for breakfast from 6 am to 2 pm, they also serve dinner on Friday nights from 4-8 pm.



3 thoughts on “Yellow Cat Cafe

  1. johnmazurkiewicz says:

    Has quickly turned into one of the best downtown area places for breakfast – either before work or after Mass on Sunday – Shelli and staff are top-notch. For us meat lovers – the meatloaf, onion, cheese omelet – crispy hash browns with A1 – rye toast – how can you not like that?!


  2. Dave says:

    I’m not really sure if this is an issue for anyone else or not, but it doesn’t sit very well with me… The food truck owner that was in the news recently because the South Bend Tribune did a story on his food truck (at his request) and then later realized that he was a former family physician found guilty of child molestation. Normally, I don’t mind second chances, but his time served was 3 days of a 5 year sentence. Anyway, he’s using the Yellow Cat kitchen for food prep and his truck (currently blank white) is parked in their lot.


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